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Echinacea purpurea, E. augustifloia

Other Names: Purple Cornflower
Type: Tonifying
Found in: Praries of North America. E. purpureais easily cultivated, but retains little medicinal value when dried.
Parts Used: Autumn dug, five-year-old roots; whole plant in flower.
Actions & Uses: Anti-tumor, anti-cancer; enhances immune system (increases interferon, enhances macrophage activity); raises white blood cell count; relieves pain and swelling; counters all infections, especially antibiotic-resistant ones (e.g., wound infections, staph, strep, pneumonia, mastitis, blood poisoning, flu, colds, sinus/ tooth/ gum infections, abscesses); reduces side effects of chemo therapy.
Important Constituents: Antioxidants, many alkaloids, carotenes, flavonoids, inulin, limonene, phenolic acid, pinenes, quercetin; selenium, zinc and many other minerals.

Preparation & Daily Dose: Up to 6 months of daily use.
Dried root infusion: 2 cups/500 ml
Fresh or dried root tincture: A dose equal one drop for every 2 pounds/ 1 kilogram body weight.

• For general immune strengthening: A dose once or twice a week.
• For those with cancer or chronic infection: A dose 1-3 times a day.
• For those with acute infection: A dose every two hours for 1-2 days (if I don't see results within 24 hours, I get help), then every three hours for 1-2 days, reducing to three times a day, then twice a day, then once a day for a week. If signs of infection return, I go back to a higher dose.
Toxicity: None.
Works Well With: Poke, burdock, cleavers.

Results & Notes: Large doses of echinacea can raise white blood cell count dramatically and within hours. Recommended as an anti-cancer anti-infection herb for centuries, more than 200 pharmaceutical preparations made from echinacea are currently in use worldwide. Superb complementary medicine for women (or men) choosing surgery or chemotherapy. Echinacea may be used for months with continuing benefit, although many herbalists, myself included, previously suggested a break after two weeks. Echinacea and poke root combine to counter breast infections quickly and dramatically.

Susun S. Weed

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