Q&A - Heavy Menstruation

Thursday, June 25, 2020 10:02 AM | Anonymous

Dear Susun,

My daughter is 14 years old and has been menstruating for approx 1 1/2

years. Her periods have been coming approx every other month and then

she bleeds fairly heavily for 2 weeks. This month is a bit puzzling.

She has been bleeding for three weeks continually and still going

strong. I have been giving her a tonic tea for about 3+ years that

consists of raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, mint, dandelion lf, licorice,

motherwort & lemongrass. 1 c 2x day about 5 days on and 2 days off.

About a year ago I made up a tincture of Licorice, black cohosh, pau

d'arco,cramp bark, echinacea & kelp to help regulate her endocrine

system. She takes a dropperfull from a 2 oz bottle 1 or 2 x day but I

have stopped that for the time being. She craves kelp which I order

from Ryan Drum and she eats it like candy, sometimes a sandwich bag full

about 2-4x week.

Should I be concerned about the duration of her period? She is in good

health and except for having to wear pads for such a long period, has no

complaints. She has never had cramps or other uncomfortable things with

her period although right before and during her period her face breaks

out with acne a fair amount. We did a Rights of Passage ceremony after

her first period and she has a good healthy attitude about her period.

I must mention too that she has a "learning disability" and functions at

about a 7 or 8 year old level according to "the experts".

I am thinking about starting her on Vitex tincture 1/4 tsp 2 x day to

help regulate her endocrine system and blending another herb tea using

raspberry, nettle and yarrow to help control the bleeding.

I would most appreciate your input. It could simply be that her body is

still adjusting to this new cycle but better safe than sorry.

Thanks for your time.


Susun's Response: Menstrual hemorrhage

Dear one,

First, let's get that bleeding stopped. It does not seem healthy to me that she bleeds so much and for so long. I like shepherd's purse tincture, a dropperful every four hours until the menstrual hemorrhage stops. Second, that kind of bleeding depletes the body's iron supplies, and when iron supplies are low hemorrhage is more likely to occur, so let's end that vicious cycle. Iron supplements are difficult to digest; yellow dock tincture or decoction is easy to digest and very effective. (More info in my book, Wise Woman for the Childbearing Year.)

I am concerned that you are using so many herbs together. How will you ever know what is having an effect? You say you are using combination of raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, mint, dandelion lf, licorice, motherwort & lemongrass. 1 c 2x day about 5 days on and 2 days off. Instead, I would suggest that you make an infusion of nettle one day and raspberry leaf another day (you can flavor with mint.)

Use one ounce of dried herb in a quart jar, fill to the top with boiling water, cap and steep for at least four hours. If you wish to use dandelion, use the root tincture and take 5-10 drops before meals. I would not use licorice with an adolescent (or most adults) as it can have severe side effects (thyroid disturbance, blood pressure problems, adrenal stress).

As for your tincture of Licorice, black cohosh, pau darco,cramp bark, echinacea & kelp. . .yikes. I would not use this at all and am worried that it may be increasing your daughter's problems. The raspberry leaf and nettle infusions will help her more than this formula. I have never heard of using kelp in tincture form and am very pleased that she is eating it. That is the best way I know to take it. The other herbs in this mix I would not use at all in this situation.

Chasteberry tincture is an excellent hormonal tonic. I think it is a great idea for you to use it. Yarrow increases menstrual bleeding and is frequently used as an abortifacient; I would avoid it in this situation.

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

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