Week of August 31, 2016 - Green Goddess Apprentice Week, Part 1

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 2:18 PM | Anonymous

Green Goddess Apprentice Week, part 1

Green Goddesses Learn to Heal with Food

Here are the Green Goddesses about half-way into their week enjoying another fabulous meal on the deck overlooking the pond where the blue heron fishes. Meals are a teaching opportunity: directly and indirectly. Several women noticed how quickly they felt better physically and emotionally when eating whole foods, cooked well, and absent any pepper. And I use the items we are eating as springboards for discussing ways to prepare foods for optimum nourishment. I am sad to say we are not eating mushrooms, as I wished.  We found lots and lots of mushrooms, but none that I consider totally safe to eat. The mushroom I wanted to find and cook for the glorious Green Goddesses – black chanterelle – came up the day after the green goddesses left. Guess my timing was off a little.

Young Black Chanterelle

This one. This is the mushroom I wanted to find. Black chanterelle. “Trumpet of Death.” Chanterelles are very easy to identify because they have an unusual trumpet shape, not the typical stalk and cap. I love the flavor of all chanterelles, especially when cooked slowly in butter for 15-30 minutes. Black chanterelles are especially tasty. The young ones are lighter in color, making them ever-so-difficult to see because they blend in with the forest-floor debris.

Older Black Chanterelles

Against a green moss background, and as they age, black chanterelles become more conspicuous. Here they are looking dark and scary. Many mushrooms – puffballs and inky caps, notably – must be harvested and eaten almost as soon as they emerge from the ground.  Black chanterelles, since they are not soft and fleshy, have a long period – days, not hours – during which they may be harvested and enjoyed.

~ Green Goddess Apprentice Week, part 2 ~

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