Week of August 9, 2016 - Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices, Part 3

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Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices
& Ten Better Choices

c. 2016, Susun S Weed

3. Using Essential Oils

How does the body work? A basic tenet of the Wise Woman Tradition as I have taught it for more than forty years is that our gut determines our health. It is now widely acknowledged that gut flora determines our physical health, our emotional health, and even our spiritual well-being.

Gut flora is the term we use to collectively identify the thousands of different yeasts, bacteria, and micro-organisms that live in our large and small intestines.

All essential oils are antifungal (kill yeasts), antibacterial (kill bacteria), and anti-microbial (kill small things). In short, all essential oils kill gut flora. They kill gut flora when inhaled, put on the body, or used orally. Lack of gut flora interferes with the immune system, makes the cells more resistant to insulin, and raises cholesterol, to name but a few of the problems associated with damage to gut flora.

Worse yet, essential oils melt plastic and take the finish off furniture. Their ability to melt plastic (and plastic-based finishes on wood) hints at their ability to disrupt our hormones. This is borne out by the young boys who have grown breasts after using organic lavender and tea tree essential oil products. I personally have two students whose little boys were affected.

Learn more: https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/lavender-tea-tree-oils-may-cause-breast-growth-boys

Their ability to melt oil-based wood finishes hints at their ability to melt the lipid layers that protect our cells. Some researchers have found essential oils capable of disrupting, even killing, mitochondria, the energy-producing parts of the cell. 
Learn more: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3873673/

Article - Biological effects of essential oils

Aspirin is made by extracting, concentrating, and purifying a plant compound found in willow. Essential oils are made by extracting, concentrating, and purifying the volatile oils found in plants. The processes are the same; the result is the same; there is no way to deny that essential oils are drugs, not herbal medicines. As such, they have detrimental side effects, and – while useful to kill pathogens – are not recommended for everyday use, even as “aromatherapy.”

Instead: Use natural scent therapy. Use scented plants infused in coconut oil, like those made by Kuumba

Throw a stick of cinnamon or an orange peel in a pan of boiling water to freshen the air in your house or apartment. Use unscented body lotions; and ask your favorite maker of lotions to make some without scent. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with yarrow tincture. Wash with plain castile soap; and ask your favorite soap maker to make some without scent.

Learn more about gut flora:  NIH Human Microbiome Project

There are thousands of scientific and poplar articles on gut flora. Here are a few:





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