Week of August 2, 2016 - Joyous Lammas Greetings

Monday, August 01, 2016 5:38 PM | Anonymous

Joyous Lammas to You All

Today marks the end of Summer. It is Lammas, and Lammas is Loaf Mass, is the Feast of the First Harvests, is the real beginning of Autumn, the end of Summer.

It is a “cross-quarter” celebration, halfway between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. My teachers maintain that the cross-quarter celebrations were added to the solstice and equinox celebrations as humans became more agricultural, and that they pertain more to what is happening with the plants. Perhaps that is why they fascinate me.

John Barley Corn must die. “Corn and grain, corn and grain, All that fall will come again.” The grain is harvested and threshed. The hay is cut and baled. When we live on the land we must think ahead to the needs of our winter selves and the needs of our wintering animals. Autumn days stretch out, giving us time to focus on harvesting the fruit of our sowing, reaping the grains of our intentions, and putting them by for sustenance in the cold months. As well as time for swimming and listening to the rain.

The flowers of the fall are all asters, an incredibly huge family of plants that ranges from artichoke to lettuce, from chamomile to echinacea, from goldenrod to dandelion. Asters stay in flower a long time and their flowers are hardy enough to stand up the thunderstorms and even hurricanes. (But not tornados.) The cone flower tribe of the aster family – including black-eyed Susan and echinacea – is frequently  use in plantings and many of the public places around me have far better stands of echinacea than I do at home! The breeders have given us a sweeping color palate of echinaceas as well: the original purples, pinks and whites have been softened to peach and pushed to reds. Here is my picture essay on the echinaceas around town. [link] Such lovely ladies!

And here is the next installment of Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices. [link]

We are getting all excited about the Green Goddess Apprentice Week, coming up in two weeks. I just got a cancellation, so if you are longing to come, this is your chance, but you must apply immediately.

Whitefeather will be here in the mornings weaving the Rainbow Path of Peace. Yvette will help us craft individual Power Shields in the afternoons. And – surprise – Marie Summerwood will be helping me in the kitchen and with the rituals, as well as teaching Saturday morning. 

Another special treat this year is the chance to hear me record my HealthyLife.net radio show on Thursday evening. It’s going to be an incredible week of growth of learning.

Green blessings are everywhere. Harvest some.

~ Top Ten Worse Diet and Healthcare Choices ~

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