Week of June 14 - Great Remedies, Goats and More ...

Monday, June 13, 2016 9:20 PM | Anonymous

Glorious green and sunshiny blessings to all.

The smell of wild roses on a summer morning is surely one reason for being alive. Drifts of fragrance on the slightest breeze, fountains of white petals. We put down a sheet and shake a bush and collect the petals for our salads and for rose petal honey, one of the elixirs of immortality.

Things are buzzing and maaing and even clucking at Laughing Rock Farm. The guinea fowl are here, peeping and clucking, the goats are starting to get the hang of having the run of the place, and the apprentices and I are as busy as bees gathering red clover to dry for infusions, cutting and hanging flowering comfrey stalks to dry for infusions, crafting plantain oil, lining up bottles of green garlic vinegar, cronewort vinegar, yarrow tincture, motherwort tincture, and so many more.

The goat tower now lacks only the copper sheathing on the roof and the installation of the goat weather vane to be complete. Super exciting!! Here are some recent photos.

The Hypericum wasn’t quite in bloom for the Great Remedies classes this past weekend, but we visited with her anyhow and discussed her many uses. We walked down the road to visit Elda Mor in bloom and sampled several elder blossom champagne recipes.

We picked wild salads from an abundance of plants: garlic mustard, chickweed, wild oregano, lamb’s quarter, five-finger ivy, sweet clover flowers, daisies, bedstraw flowers, clovers of all kinds, mint and lemon balm and catnip and bergamot, oxalis, sheep sorrel, yellow dock leaves, and even some cronewort.

And we stepped lively and carefully around the poison ivy. The second most dreaded consequence of being an herbalist (ticks are the first) is a poison ivy rash. And I don’t want that to happen to you. So I have put together my very best recommendations for preventing and treating poison ivy (and oak) rashes. Click here and step lively.

The Green Witch Holiday is almost full, so let me know soon if you are planning to join us for four days of fun and green blessings, including a trip to Gretchen Gould’s Herb Hill (AmazingGrease.com) where we will craft all sorts of herbal remedies, a woman-only Moon Lodge, at least one trip to the river to bask and swim, and – our special guest – Marie Summerwood (She Walks with Snakes). Bring your smile and let’s find

Green blessings

The Earth Loves You


~ Goat Tower Pictures ~

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