Week of June 1 - The Goats have Returned!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 1:38 PM | Anonymous

Brilliant Green blessings to you all!

I am delighted to share with you the good news:
Goats have returned to Laughing Rock Farm.

We had a perfect Memorial Day weekend welcoming the goats. We’re so glad you could come, in person and in spirit, in your thoughts and in your hearts, and even in your dreams.

From Talking Stick Ceremony to Goat Watch from Open House to Tower Roof, this weekend had it all.

We began, as always, with our Talking Stick Ceremony. After the fire, I didn’t have the heart to sit in the talking stick circle, which looks at the barn. For the past year we have been doing talking stick on the deck (for classes) and walking talking stick (with the apprentices). This weekend, for the first time since the fire, we resumed talking stick at the circle. The weeds have entwined the benches; the grasses are tall; our guardian ash tree is dead; the skulls of the Ancestor goats smile at us; we are sheltered in the embrace of the 300 year-old oak; there are goats in the barn.

We walked to the barn after talking stick and lined up in age order. Around and around and around we went, eldest first, holding hands with the youngest. Widdershins we went, against the sun, lefty-loosey, singing and chanting and spinning away the last of the previous barn, the last of the previous goats, the last of what had been. Then we turned and around we went, chanting we went, around we went, singing we went, around we went, with the sun, righty-tighty, weaving the web of the new barn, welcoming the new goats, opening our hearts to what will be.

In this energy field we mounted the hex above the barn door. The back commemorates the goats who died. The front celebrates life ever rising. We sang it up. And then we went to work.

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