Week of April 5, 2016 - Traveling

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 10:30 AM | Anonymous

Green blessings from Spider Woman, the one who weaves us together.

Green blessings from afar. (I am just home from Italy and Boston, and on my way to the Ozarks)

Green blessings to all who have the opportunity to greet the spring flowers in slow motion.

This spring my flowers are blooming in fast motion. The green shoots emerging from bare earth when I left for Italy are now a mass of blue and white stars strewn on ground turned green by the sprouts of garlic mustard (delicious in salads).

Those swollen tulip and daffodil buds I see, will be riots of sunny yellow and vibrant red and pink petals when I return from the Ozarks next week. Fortunately for me, and to my delight, the species tulips are already open, soaking up the sunshine, and the weathering the last light snows.

The cherry blossoms that brightened my days in Italy and Geneva, are just buds outside my window at home. My mountain-wise cherry trees won’t be floating clouds of pink and white until the new apprentices arrive mid-April.

I began my recent travels in Turin, Italy where I joined esteemed elders and native peoples at the Indigenous Peace Elders Conference. I was impressed with the lush chickweed growing all over Turin. The weeds are my indigenous elders and it thrills me to find them wherever I travel. A few of weeds of Italy to share, click here.

I visited the Egyptian Museum in Turin, and spent some time in conversation with Sekhmet, the oldest of the Egyptian deities, and a special counselor for me. Join me if you dare.

Spending the day in the Egyptian Museum was stepping out of time, taking giant steps across time, inhaling the past deeply and bathing in awe and admiration for humans and the immense beauty we are capable of creating. Upstairs, in a loft, was a display of uncategorized pieces, where I found these special statues to share with you. (Parents be alert: the images are of unclothed people.)

From Turin, I drove north and west, over, in between, and through the Alps, arriving in Geneva smiling after another day of awe and inspiration. My dear friend of thirty-odd years, herbalist, feminist and author Rina Nissim and her partner Edmee Ollagnier, author and pioneer in gender equality initiatives in the work place, greeted me, fed me, and shared everything wonderful and delicious with me.

I was thrilled to be asked to spend the evening teaching and answering questions from Rina’s far-flung students, who coincidentally happened to be gathering with her the weekend before my arrival.

We spent a day at the awesome, amazing botanical gardens on Lake Lucerne and another driving in the Alps around Chamonix and being awed and amazed by the glaciers, the power of Nature, and the ingenuity of Homo sapiens sapiens, the clever monkey.

Then we drove back through, under, over, and around the Alps, heading for the city of romance and mystery: Venice. I stayed in the heart of the city, with gondoliers gliding past below the window and arias spiraling up into the night air.

The many bridges of Venice – and their many steps – were but a preview of my final adventure in Italy: the mountain fastness of Ravello, where everything was up – or down – stairs, lots of stairs. I could imagine the lushness of the roses from seeing their canes trained upon the walls. I could imagine the grape essence in the air and in my lungs as I deepen my breath to climb more stairs in the heat from seeing grape vines trained on walls and lattices, stone towers and terraced vineyards. But I wasn’t there to experience those plants, so I must return.

Ravello is a place for those who love plants and those who love beautiful music, for those who love good food and great views. But I didn’t take pictures of views or food, or even the plants, instead, I focused my camera on the varied examples of Mary I found in my few days in Ravello.

Green blessings are everywhere.

Make a wild salad tonight.


~ Weeds of Italy ~

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