Week of March 1, 2016 - Fifty Years of Justine and Susun - Page One

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Fifty Years of Justine and Susun - Page One

Since we were all witches, it was clear that we needed a ritual to get in touch with the previous owners, K and O. We chalked a large pentacle on the tar-paper-covered floor, lit candles in the cardinal directions, and called in the elements. Standing around the pentacle, arms raised, we invited K and O to join us.

Perhaps it was only my imagination that a cool breeze started up in the closed room. Surely it was my imagination that I heard K greet us. I did not imagine what I said though. Out loud I declared: “I must tell you that you are dead. You no longer have a body. You cannot protect this land and your daughter has not protected this land. Let us live here. Let us protect it and love it and care for it.”

They disappeared. The energy shifted. The candles burned steadily. We sang. We focused our intention. That is the spell we cast: We asked K and O to leave, to go on their way, and to trust us. We swore to cherish this rocky. We claimed we would heal it. This was our spell.

And it came to pass that D decided to sell to us at a price we could afford. Late in the autumn of 1978, we closed on the property. And immediately got to work.
So much to do before winter set in: put in a heating system, restore plumbing and electricity, reglaze the windows, fix the doors, put up walls so our teenagers had doors they could shut. Somehow we got it all done before Thanksgiving and first snow.

That is, we got everything done that we knew needed to be done. What we didn’t know is that the septic line was only two inches underground. As soon as it got really cold, around winter solstice, the toilet stopped flushing. Oh horror! We spent that winter defecating into plastic bags, set outside to freeze until the spring thaw. We got a family membership at the Y so we could shower. (And that is a story in itself. Back then, in 1979, the Y had never seen a “family” consisting of three adult women and two teenage girls. We met – and overcame – quite a bit of resistance.) We settled in.

Did I say there was a pond? Oh yes, a three-area quarry pond. Let’s take a look.

~ Fifty Years of Justine and Susun, Page Two ~

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