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Thursday, January 07, 2016 8:45 AM | Anonymous

Green greetings in the new year.

It gives me such a lift to feel that something is beginning that I like to celebrate as many “new” years as I can every year. (Next is Losar, Tibetan new year, on my birthday this year, the 8th February. And, of course, I celebrate Halloween as the witches’ new year, at the end of October. What other new years are there?)

As the new calendar year of 2016 begins, I am astonished to see how much I will be traveling in the coming months. Right now, I am on the eve of my first departure of the year: for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica holds a special place in the heart and soul of each person who spends time there. From my first visit, to now – more than a decade, and five visits later – the thrill of this magical place has only grown. The people, the plants, the birds, the jungle, the monkeys, the ancient trees, the ocean, the food, the customs, the dogs . . . bring me endless joy and a quiet peace.

This year, for the second time, I get to share the magic with a small group of women on a Healing Adventure at the gracious residence of my family – Justine Smythe (my daughter), Monica-Jean (her daughter), and David (chef Smythe of the CIA, her husband) – on the Nicoya peninsula. The Nicoya peninsula is a special place within a special place. It is one of only five “blue zones” worldwide; places where people regularly live in health for nine decades or more.

I am not a documentary photographer. I took no photos of last year’s activities or group. Instead, I use my camera to study the colors, textures, and shapes of the plants.


Please join me as I share some of my favorite photos from last year in Costa Rica, both on the Nicoya peninsula and at the Edges Conference, where I will be teaching this year.


I hope the joy, and the magic touch you and put a twinkle in your heart.

Green blessings

ps     Here’s the next installment of archival photos: Fifty Years of Susun and Justine.

~ Susun's Costa Rica Pictures ~

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