Week of September 9 - From the Ocean

Wednesday, September 09, 2015 1:57 PM | Anonymous

Green blessings from Mama Ocean and me

I flew out of Seattle last weekend with people dancing in a downpour; I flew in with fires burning in the night across the forests of Washington State. In between, I was on Whidbey Island, at the First Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium: Botanicals on the Beach.
And I did go to the beach, although not in a swimsuit. One of my favorite herbalists, Ryan Drum, led a low tide seaweed walk. What an abundance of marine life surrounded us. . . including a harbor seal and some giant tube worms.

As the tide pulled away from the shore, acres of brilliant green sea lettuce and floating sheets of purple nori were exposed. Out in the water, and washed up on the rock, we found lots of brown kelps, including Fucus and Nereocystis and wakame.

I was pleased to find out that all seaweeds are edible, and all of them, even the commercial sheets of nori, give us seaweed goodies. The brown kelps contain algin, a binding agent that draws radioactivity and heavy metals, including lead and mercury, out of tissues and into the digestive tract and thus, out of the body. Plus the brown ones, especially focus, are more active in keeping the thyroid healthy. So the kelps are the ones to focus on, but nori is not to be shunned.

In addition to the wet plants, there were dry ones too. It was too windy to get any good ocean photos, but I was able to capture a few dry old friends higher on the beach to share with you.

No matter where you are, green blessings are there!

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