Week of August 26, 2015 - More Summer Harvests

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 11:31 AM | Anonymous

Green greetings from the heart of the harvest.

We had a most wonderful weekend with the Herbal Medicine Chest and Herbal Ferments here at the Wise Woman Center. The weather was fine and the plants abundant as we gathered, foraged, and processed.

We went for a walk along the river and – since our infusion of the day was red clover – we talked at length about phytoestrogens, and xeno-estrogens, and estradiol, and how to keep our breasts healthy and cancer free. We visited with the friendly roots: burdock, Dr. Dandelion, pokeweed, and echinacea. We discussed the difference between yarrow leaves and yarrow flowers.

Later, while gathering greens for our wild salad, we stopped by a cultivated plant that I love – garden sorrel – and her wild baby sister, sheep sorrel. Their sour taste is just the thing on a hot August day. Read more about the sorrels and their sisters here.

We finished the day with more “plants I don’t leave home without.” And, responding to students’ requests, we made a mullein tincture, and smeared ourselves with plantain oil.
Sunday was just as enjoyable, but far more delicious, what with tasting – and learning how easy it is to make – fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, sourdough, herbal wines, herbal beer, and lacto-fermented everything, including seaweed, herbs, roots, and fruits.

I was planning to make (well, get started) some wild carrot flower wine using the recipe for dandelion flower wine in Healing Wise. And I had planned to lacto-ferment some grape leaves, and make a lacto-fermented tomatillo chutney, but the class had other plans: they wanted more medicine chest herbs.

Off we went into the woods in search of skullcap. (We found it.) Back we came to hang out with the sisters wormwood and cronewort. Then we made slippery elm balls, and extolled their virtues. It’s easy. So easy my granddaughter does it, at age six, on camera (by her request).

The presence of the dancing green women was felt. We imbibed her blessings and felt our hearts beat as one with the heartbeat of the Earth. Imagine yourself with us, remembering the wisdom of our Ancestors, the plants. And becoming more aware of the green blessings that are everywhere.


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