Week of July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015 8:55 PM | Anonymous

Green greetings to you!

All the green people I know are out and about, harvesting and making remedies, every sunny hour of July.  The green witches of the Green Witch Holiday went harvesting at Gretchen Gould’s Herb Hill this past weekend.
On Thursday we started our time together with a heart walk in the woods. We sought and found skullcap, tripped over wild mushrooms galore, pressed our bellies to Grandmother Cedar, and meditated by the river. After a great meal, we settled in for a teleseminar with Suzy Meszoly, psychic, homeopath, and energy healer.

On Friday our walk took us into fields and meadows, as well as my gardens. We studied the mint and clover plant families. We tasted catnip, lemon balm, bergamot, motherwort, thyme, rosemary, sage, shiso, coleus, and anise hyssop. We visited red clover, white clover, hop clover, both sweet clovers (yellow and white), and Lotus corniculatus, poor farmer’s alfalfa.

Our lunch was wild indeed, with nettle soup, wild salad, and black chanterelles. After dinner (peanut butter/sweet potato soup), we greeted our guests for the moon lodge, a sacred space for womb-ones/wimmin to sing, dance, and share their stories.

Saturday was clear and bright, sunny and hot – the perfect weather for harvesting mid-summer herbs. And that is exactly what we did. We packed our lunch (baba g’noush, hummus, tsatsiki, tomatoes, olives, and whole wheat pita), plenty of jars, 100 proof vodka, pure olive oil, and apple cider vinegar that we pasteurized on Friday, and went north to be with Gretchen, a fantastic herbalist and amazing keyboard artist. (She plays on It's Time--Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration, my CD.)
Want to know what remedies we made at Herb Hill? Look here.

Sunday found us dressed beautifully, dressed as the goddess, for our magical ritual and green witch initiations. The Goddess Archetype reports were fascinating and enlightening, expanding and deepening our appreciation for the goddess in every woman. We were sad to part, for we became a community in our four days together: feeding each other, listening to each other, and witnessing the truth of each other’s lives.

Another strand is woven into the healing cloak of the Ancients. It is begun in beauty. It is continued in beauty.

With green blessings.

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