Week of June 15, 2015 - Natural Scent Therapy

Monday, June 15, 2015 5:52 PM | Anonymous

Green blessings to you!

Some people are “super tasters.” With many more taste buds than most, they taste things others don’t notice. My taste-ability is better than most, because I don’t eat pepper, which kills taste buds. And because I have trained myself to be acutely aware of my flavor/taste environment.

My daughter and I are “super sniffers.” We have scent-sitivity. Smells that are mild to others knock my socks off. If I eat sardines for breakfast (and I often do), Justine can still smell it on my breath after many hours (and tooth-brushing). If we walk past a laundromat, we have to cross the street. (The scent of those dryer sheets is actually poisonous.) And heaven forbid that someone arrives at the Wise Woman Center wearing essential oil; I must ask them to wash it off.

It is not that I dislike the smell of essential oils. But the smell is not nice enough for me to ignore the burning in my eyes, nose, and throat. Some people who are similarly affected are said to have the disease of “environmental sensitivity.” But a body that clearly tells us we are in the presence of something unhealthy is working well; it is not diseased.

Essential oils are drugs, not herbal products. They are made by extraction, concentration, and purification—the same processes used to make aspirin or heroin or any other plant-based drug.

Essential oils are well known to disrupt the hormonal system, especially in children, with boys growing breasts from use of products containing (even organic) lavender oil. They are capable of disabling the immune system with long, continuous exposure, such as massage therapists get. And essential oils use the earth’s resources in an alarming fashion: Thousands of pounds of herb are required to produce one ounce of essential oil.

What to do instead? Natural scent therapy, named by Mary Rose, a Wise Woman herbalist and massage therapist, is the answer.

Scented green blessings are everywhere.



~ Natural Scent Therapy ~ 

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