Week of January 6, 2015

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 11:02 AM | Anonymous

It’s a whole new year filled to the brim with opportunity and green blessings.

The snow graced us for a short while today. Classic downy flakes drifting down and lining each bare branch with white. Then it began to sleet, halfway between snow and rain. Then hail clattered off the windows, and a gentle rain continued in its wake. Will I awaken tomorrow to a glistening ice-covered world? Maybe. No way to know.

What I do know is, there is lots of travel in my future. First I pack for the Costa Rica Wellness Adventure, starting in less than two weeks. Lots of interesting plants, smiling people, and the blue, blue Pacific Ocean await us. Then, off to . . . well, why not just take a look at my 2015 schedule! It’s right here.

Whether it’s snowing, sleeting, or raining, the sun can shine in your kitchen. I harvested some Meyer’s lemons in Arizona, brought them home, and made some ever-so-easy Honey-Lemon Marmalade. Join me as I show you just how I do it.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the snow, I made a wild salad with the same plants we’ve been eating for the past month: the hardy ones. Come on a walk with me if you want to pick a New Year Salad too. These winter leaves are tough, so I mix my wild salad into hot rice or any hot grain and then dress it with extra virgin olive oil and gomasio. Alternately, the salad could be dressed with hot bacon fat. I feel so very rich when I eat from the earth in the middle of the winter. How about you?

Have you made your resolutions for the new year yet? One of my favorite resolutions was to begin my day, every day for a year, by eating something wild. In case of severe weather, I ate some seaweed. In cities I had to find tall weeds to eat my requisite leaf. (Short ones, I figured were more in the way of “things.”) In the suburbs, I faced a wasteland of poisoned grass, but still found outposts of edible weeds. This resolution stretched my comfort zone.

Just the way I like to live. How about you?

May your new year be filled with the greenest of blessings.

~ New Year Salad ~

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