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Monday, November 10, 2014 6:53 PM | Anonymous

I was awakened this morning by the rattling of my window. A woodpecker was perched on the window ledge outside, attacking the side of the window and causing quite a vibration. Finding nothing to eat, woodpecker flew away, leaving me to muse on the connections between wildlife and wild plants.

A book by Bradford Angiers helped me understand this decades ago. In his book, he carefully included not only the ways that humans use each of the plants he highlights, but also the way wildlife uses and depends on these plants, especially through the winter.

Yellow dock seeds are held high, providing food even in periods of deep snow. Barberry fruits dangle persistently, unflinching in wind and rain, sleet, ice and snow, and offering food for those daring enough to brave her thorns. And Jerusalem artichoke tubers are sumptuous finds for burrowing critters.


There is so much to see now that the leaves are down. Take a long look as you walk. Soar in your imagination and see from the eagle’s eye view. Look across. Look down from the heights. Allow yourself to open up to the broad perspective.

Come, let’s go for a ramble in the forest. I know we will find some mushrooms. And perhaps a miracle or two as well.

Green blessings are everywhere.


~ Woods Walk ~ 

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