Week of September 16, 2014 - Cronewort and Weed Walks

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 2:04 PM | Anonymous

Green greetings.

How the wind doth blow! The cronewort is blowing in the stiff cold breezes of autumn. And here comes autumn equinox. This is the perfect time to finish our Third Eye Opening Blend. And the last plant we need to tincture is cronewort, Artemisia vulgaris. (Often called mugwort.)

I brought Artemisia vulgaris to my land 35 years ago. Having read that it marked the home of the Wise Woman, I thought it imperative to have some.

Long ago, I read, when people were not literate, they knew where to find someone because the tools of their trade were in evidence. For the healer, the herbalist, the Wise Woman, Artemisia was the tool of their trade, so it was grown and displayed in front of the house.
As populations moved to cities, where it was difficult to grow Artemisia in your (nonexistent) garden, a Wise Woman hung a dried bunch of Artemisia by the door or painted a picture of it on her door. 

The Artemisias are a large genus of mostly scented plants. If you don’t have Artemisia vulgaris growing near you, any of the other scented species will do. For sisters in the desert, that will likely be Artemisia tridentate, sagebrush. For sisters in the orient, that will probably be Artemisia chinensis, which is processed into moxa sticks. Southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum) and wormwood (Artemisia absinthum) are other commonly-grown scented species.

Don’t confuse cronewort blossoms with lamb’s quarter blossoms. They look alike, but smell very different. Photos of both are at the end of the weed walk.

To make your tincture, simply cut the flowering tops of your chosen Artemisia, fill a jar with finely cut pieces of plant, then fill the jar with 100 proof vodka, label, lid and wait six weeks. That will bring us to Halloween, the beginning of winter, and a great time to take your Third Eye Opening Blend. Look for the finish to the recipe then.

Meanwhile, let’s take a walk in the golden sunshine of autumn and visit the many mints still flowering.

Green blessings are everywhere.

~ Weed Walk ~

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