Week of August 5, 2014 - First Harvest

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:02 AM | Anonymous

Green and abundant  greetings to you all.

The feast of the first harvest is upon us. The hay fields are cut. The grain is threshed. The first bread is baked. The grapes are ripe. The berries are flush upon the brambles. The bear is fat and happy and so are we.

Are you starting to feel the pressure of the gathering dark? The pressure to harvest one more jar of yarrow to tincture before all the blossoms brown up. The desire to get one more jar of St. J’s oil brewing from the last of her flowers. The struggle to find more storage space for the remedies already made. The wish for a bigger drying room as you eye the mullein still to be hung, the comfrey still to dry, the lavender, the mint, the green, the green, the green!

Let the pressure be a hug, a reassuring hug. Relax into the pressure of gathering and storing for the coming days of dark. Trust yourself, trust nature. You will have what you need. You will be grateful for what you have. Allow yourself to be delighted with the work you need and want to do. Let your joy bubble up and overflow.

Sure, life is hard, harsh, painful, unfair, and not as we envision it. It has always seemed to me that the best thing to do in the face of that reality is to wring as much pleasure as I can from whatever I am doing. I simply do not allow myself to do any task, large or small, with resentment. If I cannot find the pleasure in the work, then why am I doing it? If I must do it, then enjoying it is the best antidote.

Simple rituals help us remember the joy, and the sacredness, of every moment. I light a pink candle every evening as an offering to the healing of all, especially those I have been in contact with that day. That small ritual brings real joy to me and allows me to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Do you have a ritual to end the day and empty your mind? Burning a bit of sweet grass is another favorite way to end the day. Ummm.

Green blessings are everywhere.

ps  There is a mushroom walk this weed, just for you. And a photo of the next plant we need for our Third Eye Opening Brew: purple loosestrife.  Plus some thoughts on drying corn silk.

~ Mushroom Walk ~

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