Week of July 8, 2014 - Shaman's Corner - Giving Breath Meditation

Monday, July 07, 2014 3:07 PM | Anonymous
Give-Away Breath Meditation

The simple meditation, if done often, will open the fairy gates to you.

Sit in a comfortable, safe place outside where there are plants. Smaller plants, rather than bigger ones. Wild plants, rather than cultivated ones.

If necessary, you can sit inside and breathe with a plant in a pot; weeds in a pot, better. Naked you, best.

Breathe out and give your breath away to the plant/s.

Breathe in and feel gratitude for the oxygen the plants gift to you.

Continue for ten minutes: breathing out and breathing in.
It’s a dance between the plants and the people. Each gives what it can’t use, what is no longer needed, what is unwanted. And, miracle! It is the perfect gift for the other. The plants want the carbon dioxide that would poison us. And we, in turn, want their waste product: oxygen.

Breathing out and breathing in. Slowly. Consciously.

Every second, millions of cells in your body are dying and millions are being created. Each new cell is gifted with oxygen and nourishment, thanks to the plants.

Breathe out your gratitude. Breathe in their bliss.

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