Week of July 8, 2014 - Independence and Dependence Day

Monday, July 07, 2014 3:04 PM | Anonymous
Green Greetings!

It’s Independence Day (a few days ago)

It’s Gratitude for Dependence Day (right now)

Hooray for Freedom and Independence!!

And Gratitude for Dependence.

Gratitude for the dependable Earth, the ever-shining Sun, and the humbling comfort of the stars.

We are not alone. We are dependent on a host of other lives. We are part of and depend on our families, communities, and political systems. We are part of and dependent on the ecosystem of this planet: the plants and the animals, the microbes and the bacteria. We are part of sol’s solar system and we depend on the planets that share it with us to stay their courses, independence of motion not desired for members of a system! And our entire solar system is a tiny part of a large galaxy and dependent on the echoing memory of the big bang to keep things expanding, rather than colliding.

Hooray for freedom. Gratitude for dependence.

The Give-Away Breath Meditation brings us into the flow of gratitude and dependence. Every apprentice breathes with her green ally daily for at least ten minutes; in person, rain or shine, for the first ten days, then at a distance if weather of circumstance prevent personal contact.

The Give-Away Breath Meditation is the first step for those desirous of talking with the plants. Being conscious, and grateful, for the breath we are given from the plants really brings home the message of green blessings: right into our hearts! (Oh! And don’t forget my new heart health class at the Wise Woman University.)

So hooray for independence and hiphip hooray and gratitude for dependence too.
Now, please join me on a short weed walk to meet some of the beauty I saw this week. Then, experiment with a new recipe: Summer Milkweed Blossom Salad. And be certain to give the Give-Away Breath a try today if possible. It’s a life-altering practice and the sooner you begin, the more you will benefit.

Green blessings are everywhere.

~ The Shaman's Corner ~

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