Week of February 18, 2014 - breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 10:46 AM | Anonymous
Green greetings to you all.
Perhaps you think I am crazy to have said that spring is here in light of the record snowfalls. Still, it is not the snow nor the cold that defines winter, or any other season, it is the amount of light and dark in the days. And the light is stronger and longer! Just look at the leaves these roots are putting out. A beet top and two pieces of horseradish can’t be wrong. It is indeed spring.

Next week I’ll share important information about the value of snow, “the poor person’s fertilizer.” But for now, let’s look at breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Study after study has finds eating breakfast makes your day better, and it makes your whole life better. But it is not part of most of our lifestyles. Eating a big breakfast is easier for a goat herder than for an office worker, granted. Many people push themselves to wake up at hours that are not metabolically healthy for them. Eating a large meal when you don’t want to be awake can be difficult.

So many people eat something in the morning, because breakfast is important, right? And that something is usually refined carbohydrates – like bagels, donuts, sweetened cereals – washed down with coffee. I actually think it may be better not to eat at all in the morning than to eat like that.

We need protein at breakfast, so we will have energy all day. We need to consume about half of the calories we need in a day at breakfast. We need fat at breakfast, so we can think well (and so we can produce hormones that make us feel good) all day. The classic bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast covers the bases. (And eggs have been exonerated; they are heart healthy.)

But if you can’t – for one reason or another – eat a hearty breakfast, here’s the good news: A glass of nourishing herbal infusion counts as a good breakfast. A glass of nourishing herbal infusion – such as nettle, oatstraw, red clover, or comfrey leaf – provides more protein, vitamins, and minerals than most breakfast cereals.

Oatmeal is certainly the exception to granolas and other ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. And, with a little bit of attention, but not much time, it can be turned into a magnificently nourishing accompaniment to your glass (or cup) of nourishing herbal infusion in the morning.
I published the recipe for enhanced oatmeal in my green book Healing Wise (under the name Wild n’ Oats) over twenty years ago. It is still a cold weather mainstay for breakfast at Laughing Rock Farm decades later, so it has indeed stood the test of time.

Let’s go make some.

Green blessings.


p.s. If you missed the great teleseminar on Healthy Hearts with Robin Rose Bennett (one of my first apprentices), you can still listen to the recording here.

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