Week of January 28, 2014 - the heart of winter

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:50 PM | Anonymous
Green greetings once again from the heart of winter.

Spring is inhaling deeply and waiting for the right moment to exhale its greening force (viriditas). Remember, the first day of spring is actually February 2, not spring equinox. And that’s this week!

There are several large ponds here at Laughing Rock Farm, and, of course, they are frozen solid after this past week’s single digit temperatures at night. My granddaughter Monica-Jean and I have been enjoying running around on the ice. The goats think we are crazy and cannot be convinced that they could walk on water too. The wild animals do not share their disbelief, if I read the tracks in the snow correctly. Squirrels, cats, rabbits, and other critters are happy to scamper right across the ice. (But no deer tracks; I guess they agree with the goats.)

I love to sort and organize in the winter. When my mother died several years ago, I found (in her closet) a box of letters that I had written to her, starting in 1963 and continuing, with ever less frequency, until the 1990’s. I am so glad she saved them.

 Initially, I thought I might type them out; they are handwritten in peacock blue ink. Then I thought I might scan them; the envelopes are wildly decorated. But I couldn’t seem to find the time to do either. I realized that I could find the time to read them however, and that is what I am doing, reading and recording them. It gives me an opportunity to editorialize and comment on the letters, as well. It will be awhile before there are enough of them to share with you, as I am reading one or two a day and there are several hundred of them. But tuck it into your bonnet, as a treat to savor some day in the future.

Here comes my birthday. (Feb 8) Yes, I will be 68 this year. Amazing.

I have not been in the kitchen except to make favorite dishes, like goat cheese lasagna, so no new recipes for you this week. But I do hope to spend some time in the herbal pharmacy, sorting and organizing soon, so perhaps next week I will have a delicious recipe to share.

And here comes the last of the bouquets we picked for you in Costa Rica, including some information on medicinal uses of two house plants that most people have. Enjoy the flowers and get ready to look at those house plants with renewed interest.

Green blessings are in the most ordinary places.

~ Weed Walk ~

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