Week of January 21, 2014 - may the beauty of winter touch you, apprentices, Costa Rica and Monica Jean

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 5:11 PM | Anonymous

Warm green greetings from the wonderfully frigid north.

It is cold and I am loving it, as I usually do.

The glitter of moonlight on freshly fallen snow is a sight that never fails to expand my spirit and bring a smile to my heart. Walking on water (frozen) with my granddaughter is another delight restricted to deep winter days, and one that thrills me.

And how wonderful it will be, in just a few weeks time, when the sap begins to run under the bark of the trees and the buds begin their slow swelling that will culminate in an orgasm of leaf break, and spring, the greening force, veriditas, will be under way once more.

And soon after that, after the snow drops and crocuses push up and unfold their pretty flowers, new apprentices will arrive, classes will begin, and goats will give birth.

Speaking of apprentices, there are quite a few wonderful women coming for live-in apprenticeships in 2014, but no one, as yet, has applied to be a live-out apprentice. Live-out apprentices attend every one of my one-day classes (and you have two years to do it), plus they get to spend the Saturday night between classes at Laughing Rock Farm and have dinner with me (and breakfast at their lodging, the Nettle Patch). Live-out apprentices get lots of extras, like an extra free overnight on a Friday so you can attend moonlodge, and like lots of books including a field guide and some of my books, and attendance at any teleseminars or other radio show that I do on those weekends, and two extra weekends: one in April and one in November (one to get acquainted and one to graduate), and lots of love and wild salads and goats too! Check it out and apply now while it’s on your mind. This is one of the most fun, least stressful apprenticeships I offer. You have two full years to complete your commitment.

On the next pages you will find the second part of the bouquet I brought home for you from Costa Rica. Next week, you get another bouquet from Costa Rica, picked for you by Justine. This week I have some special photos of a special place to share with you. Come with me to the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, to Cabo Blanco Nature Preserve.

This photo of Monica Jean and I, resting after climbing up a steep part of the path, was taken at Cabo Blanco Preserve. Participants in our Healing and Well Being Adventures will spend an enchanted day there in the jungle of Cabo Blanco with Justine, Monica Jean and I, enjoying and delighting in the abundance of Nature, both the verdant plants and the copious and sometimes conspicuous animals. And good news! We have room for one more participant! Will it be you? Place your deposit and hold your place.

Reports of folks enjoying pomegranate cordial are coming in. Good work. You can still make it, if you didn’t before, or if you want more.

I had an opportunity to use the juniper berry tincture I made last winter. A small dose of 5 drops, repeated every four hours, worked really well to ward off an incipient infection. You could make some now, if you haven’t yet.

May the beauty of winter touch you.
Green blessings are everywhere.

~ Weed Walk ~

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