Week of December 10, 2013 - pomegranates and Costa Rican trip

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 1:48 PM | Anonymous
Green greetings.

Now that we have brought some evergreens into our homes, and now that we are smelling that refreshing, relaxing piney air, it is time to bring a flash of color in too. What better way to do that than with bright shiny pomegranates.

Native to the Middle East, but now cultivated all over the world in frost-free areas, pomegranate is said to be the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. It is wise to consume pomegranates, and, because consumption slows aging and improves brain function, it may, indeed make you wise, too. ‘Tis said that the end of the pomegranate represents the crown of knowledge.

When it comes to pomegranate, it is, paradoxically, better to consume the fruit juice rather than eat the fresh fruit. Many of the polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) of pomegranate, and all of the hormonal elements, are in the seeds and the skin of the fruit, the parts that most people do not consume. Juice makers juice the whole fruit however, so that bottled pomegranate juice, so long as it is 100% pure juice, has all the goodies from the inedible parts rolled into it. Yummy! Mentor students, there’s lots more info on pomegranate for you in the expanded ezine.

Our last work exchange weekend of the year was a great success. We stacked firewood, cut dried herb into pieces ready to brew into infusion in the coming months (and with major dealers forced to raise prices due to lack, I am glad we worked hard at harvesting this year. We have a great supply of dried nettle to see me through the winter. And we have a great supply of herbal pestos, too. 

Next up is my trip to Costa Rica. In addition to enjoying myself, Justine and I will be making everything ready for our first Well Being and Healing Adventure in Costa Rica, starting in December 2014.

Before I leave, I will post my 2014 schedule, which is still, at this date, in the works.

Due to my trip, my blogtalk show will have a short vacation. This evening will be the last one of the year. I will be back with you January 8 for more blogtalk answers and interviews. Thanks to you all for your tremendous support of my Tuesday evening blogtalk show.

And I will also take a short break from writing new ezines. You’ll still get wonderful content, and may not even notice I’m gone. I will resume with the Jan 15th ezine. Look for the Costa Rica report and lots more.

Keep looking for those green blessings. They are still all around you.

~ Weed Walk ~

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