Week of November 12, 2013- apprentices graduated and goodbye to the CSA garden

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 10:30 AM | Anonymous

Green greetings of joy to you all!

The last of the live-in apprentices and all of the live-out apprentices have now completed their studies and graduated. Congratulations to you all!! Praise for your hard work!

Meanwhile, let us return to the pick-your-own CSA farm, where we were last week. Beyond the rows of herbs, the flower garden is mostly dead, except for some straw flowers and snapdragons, still bravely blooming.

The ground under the wall of cherry tomatoes is aflame with red and orange dropped tomatoes, and, miraculously, some of them are still intact and tasty. Ever since my first garden in 1969 it has been my goal to have fresh tomatoes in the salad on Thanksgiving, and I believe I will achieve my goal again this year.

Further along, the tomatillo leaves are wilted and dead, but the fruits are firm, and many have finally ripened into yellow. I am looking forward to putting up a few more jars of tomatillo lacto-ferment relish and to trying out some new tomatillo recipes I found. Here, at the end of this long row, are the husk tomatoes. They seem frozen in place, frozen in time. The little tomatoes in their papery coverings are firm and fine but I can’t find any that have ripened fully and the green ones I picked a month ago are still green, so leave them on the vines.

Out in the picked-over, cleared-out pumpkin patch, the chickweed is making the most of an opportunity to cover the open ground, though, in places, the purslane is holding its own. Let’s stop for a while and harvest lots of the little star lady, or maidenwort, two of my pet names for chickweed. What will we do with this bounty? Chickweed pesto, chickweed tincture, chickweed oil, chickweed in salads, oh my!

Look! Here at the ends of the harvested rows of greens are a few remaining plants from each row: Here is arugula, and mitzuna, and kale. All three are members of the cabbage family; and they like it cold!! Indeed, the mitzuna and the arugula are both flowering. Frosty mornings make them smile.

And as we gather our treasures and head on back to the car, we are greeted by masses of Barbara’s cress and lots of shepherd’s purse, more cabbage family plants making the most of the short sunny days and frosty nights.

It’s goodbye to the CSA garden for this year, but we will be back. How about you?

We had a spectacular work weekend; had lots of fun and got lots of work done. We ate lots of vegetable soup that I made with the broth I cooked up last week. Yummy!

There are still leaves to rake and compost to move. There are two more work weekends at the Wise Woman Center. Look for my 2014 schedule, coming soon, to learn what I’ll be doing next year.

Green blessings to everyone

Ps. next week’s ezine will probably be late as I will be in Toronto at the Naturopathic Doctors’ Conference for the entire weekend.

~ Weed Walk ~

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