Week of August 16, 2013 - Green Goddess Week

Saturday, August 17, 2013 9:50 AM | Anonymous

Glorious green greetings to you all.

And a shy “hello” from the little black bear who joined us for Green Goddess Week.
A magical, transformative, abundantly nourishing, difficult and delicious time was had by all.

We worked day and night at our lessons.

We cried, laughed, raged, surrendered to ecstasy, surrendered to confusion.

We embraced our shadow selves.

We took on the “glamour” our Goddess selves.

We learned to pay attention, and to pay attention to where we go when we aren’t paying attention.

We walked in the woods with the goats, letting everyday miracles overtake us.

We learned to listen to our senses instead of our brains.

We took off our shoes and turned on the eyes in our feet.

We learned how to gather, move, focus and restore personal energy.

We developed intimate relationships with the Ancient Ones: the plants.

We learned to identify, harvest, prepare and use at least half a dozen green blessings every day.

We picked wild plants for salad for every lunch and every dinner.

We harvested lamb’s quarter and amaranth and cooked them for our evening meal.

We collected chanterelles, sautéed them in butter, and enjoyed them with our great goat cheese lasagna.

We made self-heal vinegar, shiso pesto, Indian pipe tincture, and motherwort tincture, too.

We cut up herbs that the summer apprentices had harvested and made nourishing herbal infusions of nettle, oatstraw, comfrey, linden, red clover, chickweed, mullein, violet, hibiscus, hawthorn leaf and flower, cleavers, and burdock.

Yvette Lewis showed us how to created a shamanic power shield.

White Feather guided us along the Rainbow Path of Peace and into the Seven Direction Movement Meditation.

Apprentices listened in as Susun recorded four half-hour radio shows on Serenity Medicine at Time Monk Radio. And as Susun answered herbal and health questions for people on her blogtalk radio show.

We walked between the worlds. Hours seemed like weeks.

Minutes became years. Moments stretched to infinity and back again.

We were guided by our dreams, by the plants, by the weather, by our hearts’ longings.

Plan now to join us next year: August 4-10, 2014 (Monday thru Sunday).
You can apply at anytime and guarantee your place at this special event for either of the next two years.

This week’s photo gallery showcases some of the magical plants we worked with during our shamanic training. And this week’s core material focuses on developing alliances with power plants. It is a fascinating topic, and one that more and more people are becoming interested in. Some shamans believe that it is our power plant allies who can teach us how to walk in beauty on our Mother Earth.

May you walk in beauty, wherever you are.
May your heart be touched by life.
May you be surrounded by green blessings.


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