Week of July 16, 2013 - mushrooms and the ferns of the Catskill Mountains

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 4:17 PM | Anonymous
It’s time to delight in the mushrooms and the ferns of the Catskill Mountains. Everywhere we look mushroom caps are pushing up and unfurling. The fern fronds fill every bit of open space and look as though you could float away on them like a magic carpet.

The Green Witch Intensive was especially delightful this year thanks in part to the gracious of Gretchen Gould, who invited us all to come up to her land: Herb Hill. We harvested wild thyme and Oswego tea, wet our feet in Thirteen Mile Creek, make yarrow tincture and valerian flower oil, absorbed lots of knowledge and stories from Gretchen, ate wild raspberries, and got lost in Tansy City.

And that was just the beginning. There was a magical moon lodge with the spiral of women, from Maidens through Mothers and into Crones, each sharing her story, her wisdom. And walks with the goats in the forest, to the river, to the meadow, to the secret places with the special plants. Our high magic ritual initiation of new Green Witches up on the mesa, guided and guarded by the Ancient Ones. And the glorious Goddess Pageant, and lots of great food.

And did I mention that we talked about lots and lots of plants and how to harvest them and prepare them and use them? We did! We harvested wild greens for salads, we made nettle soup with fresh nettle we harvested on the spot (ouch!), we tasted and discussed and used motherwort tincture and yarrow tincture and herbal vinegars and herbal pestos and herbal oils and salves, we ate wild snacks that we picked as we walked, and we sang and sang and sang.

Of course we drank nourishing herbal infusion every day, all day long. Water is available, but I don’t “serve” it at the Wise Woman Center, preferring that everyone drink nourishing herbal infusion instead: I’s better than water – in every way.

I am excited and so looking forward to the Montana Herb Gathering. It will take three airplane rides to get me there (and another three to get me home), but well worth it. I hope to get a few photos to share with you in the ezine. Perhaps on the horseback ride I have planned.

I wish abundance for you. An abundance of tomatoes, zucchini, an abundance of sweet corn, and cucumbers, and beans, and even an abundance of weeds. May you be rich in lamb’s quarter, amaranth, and purslane.

And may you enjoy the healing, nourishing power of wild green blessings.


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