Week of July 9, 2013 - linden, red clover, mullein and comfrey...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 11:57 AM | Anonymous

Humid green greetings from the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Summer 2013 continues to be exceptionally lush, with warm nights and daily thunderstorms. Everything is growing at such a rapid pace it is hard to keep up with the harvesting.

This week we focused on picking linden blossoms. Their period of bloom is not too long, and with so much rain, it becomes a real race to get as much as we can when the sun shines. We only pick linden when all the rain and dew has dried off, usually early afternoon. By then the smell is so intoxicating that we can hardly wait to get to our baskets and ladders and get our hands on the linden.

Then we go out to the field to continue our red clover harvest. Clover blossoms tend to absorb and hold onto moisture, so it is especially important to be sure they are not damp when you harvest them.

We are also harvesting mullein flowers for Ear Oil, and whole flowering stalks – with their leaves – to dry for making Mullein Milk this winter. A friend made some mullein tincture from the fresh leaves a few years ago, and I have been enjoying it tremendously. Perhaps I’ll make some myself this week.

There is still comfrey to harvest and hang to dry. And it is time to take down the nettle that has been hanging. Time to fold it away in brown paper bags, well labeled, for winter use.

The drying shed is beautiful with the red bee balm drying for winter use.

And there are a host of tinctures and vinegars to make: yarrow, motherwort, Hypericum, self-heal, creeping jenny, and elder, to name but a few that are clamoring for our attention.

If you want to jump in with both feet, both hands, and your whole heart, do join us for the Green Goddess Apprentice Week. I am still looking for a few good green women to attend this year; several work-exchange positions are open.

Green blessings are everywhere.


Fresh Hypericum Tincture

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