Ezine - Week of June 14, 2013 - great remedies, talking with plants and moon lodge

Friday, June 14, 2013 8:48 PM | Anonymous
Green greetings to you all.

We are nearing the mid-point of the year: magical, mystical, mid-summer, the solstice. From time out of mind we humans have erected stones and raised sacred spaces to mark this special day, the day when the sun stands still, the longest day of the year, summer solstice.

This year I celebrate the solstice with you with three events at the Wise Woman Center: Summer Solstice Moon Lodge on June 21, a class on the Great Remedies on June 22, and my all-time favorite class, Talking with Plants, on June 23. I hope you will join me for one or all of these inspiring days.

We have been holding monthly Moon Lodge at the Wise Woman Center for over 25 years. Moonlodge is not a sweatlodge; you will remain fully clothed at all times. At the moonlodge we sing sacred songs and dance delightful dances and share our stories: maiden, mother, and crone. There is no fee. Please arrive no earlier than 6:45pm. We begin at 7pm and are usually done between 9-10pm.

The Great Remedies is a new class; one I’ve never taught before. It arises from my continuing quest to return herbal medicine to its rightful place as people’s medicine, the medicine right outside your door. I offer this class both for those who are looking for a fast way to jump into herbal medicine and for those who already use herbs and want to go deeper. And for those of you who can’t come all the way to the Catskill Mountains, I will be outlining the herbs we will visit here at the ezine over the next two weeks.

And what can I say past my silly grin about Talking with Plants? I have been teaching this class since 1982 and I never tire of it, never lose my delight in sharing “plant speak” with you, near fail to be rewarded by priceless gems of wisdom that our green sisters share with you and thus with all of us. This is a “hands-on” class. You will personally speak with plants before the day is up. And, with a little luck, we will receive assistance in hearing the plants talk from a safe psychoactive plant that grows in my woods.

It is not too late to plant some herbs: in your garden, in a pot on the windowsill, on the roof, or even in your heart.

Green blessings.


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