Week of May 30, 2013 - eating cabbage family plants is a great way to prevent cancer

Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:00 PM | Anonymous
Full throttle summer coming your way! Green blessings await you.

Most of you reading this live in the Temperate Zones of the world, as do I. As a child, when I learned about the Temperate Zone, I thought it had to do with The Temperance Movement and the abolition of alcohol.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that temperance, in this context, refers to extremes, not  moderation. When metal is tempered, it is subjected to extremes of hot and cold.

The Temperate Zones are subjected to wide swings in temperature throughout the year, from winter. Here in the Catskills, I can have winter temperatures of  10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit for extended periods, and occasional temperatures down to 25 below, and summer days sometimes hit the hundred mark. That is a swing of over 125 degrees!
And we can get big swings as summer grabs hold. Last night it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit, today it is in the 80s. That is a big swing for one day. (My friend Betsy Grace the desert rat has even wider daily swings.)

These fluctuations cause the atoms in the metal to line up in ways that are more flexible and stronger. Do the fluctuations of temperature found in Temperate Zones change how the atoms line up in the plants? In our bodies? Does that make us more flexible? Flexibility is part of the definition of health in the Wise Woman Tradition. I do believe that experiencing these swings between cold and hot, light and dark, add to my health and my flexibility.

The cabbage family is temperature flexible. Their seeds sprouted happily in the cold soils of spring and are now offering us leaves, blossoms and seeds to eat.  Our photo gallery this week (and next) spotlights some of my favorite wild cabbage family plants. What are yours?

Eating cabbage family plants is a great way to prevent cancer. Do it with class, with my exotic, but easy to make, “Twilight Salad. “

Mentored students are continuing their studies of plantain, the plain Quaker lady with so much to offer us. It is one of the Great Remedies I will be focusing on at my next Wise Woman Center class. Do join me.

Green blessings.  

p.s. Hope to see you at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference.

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