Week of April 25, 2013 - a taste for the variety of life

Thursday, April 25, 2013 7:31 PM | Anonymous
Green greetings to you all.

‘Tis the season of return. The heron stalks the pond again. The swallows dive bomb the cats once more. All the colors of the tropics have come North and are singing beside my window. Return, return, return. The nettles spring forth, growing inches overnight. The fruit trees are budding. The peepers’ chorus wakes up the sleepy moon. Return, return, return.

‘Tis the season of wild salads. At last! Every day some tender new green presents herself to be added to our salad. Those of you who know that I claim there is no nutrition available from raw food may wonder why I bother to make or eat salad. First, I actually do cook my salad. Second, I am getting things other than nutrition from my salad.

There are five ways to cook our food: by heating, by freezing, by dehydrating, by fermenting, and by covering with oil. And the last is how I cook my salad, by using plenty of olive oil on it. (If you doubt this, let the salad sit for several hours after pouring oil on it and see how cooked it looks.)

Besides nutrition (which I do get, since I have cooked the salad with oil), I also get soil bacteria and wild DNA from my salads. I get soil bacteria (but not actual soil) since I do not wash my wild greens. I am able to harvest them with dirt, so there is no need to rinse them. They go directly into the salad, soil bacteria and all.

Soil bacteria are important guardians of our health, helping the immune system, protecting the gut against foreign bacteria, and improving our ability to get nutrients out of all the food we consume.

Wild plants have wild DNA. And wild DNA nourishes the wildness in me. When I harvest something wild, something I neither planted nor tended, it must be received as a gift, and, as such, it nourishes my connection to Nature. It reminds me, at the deepest heart level, that I am part of the whole, that I am the precious child of my Mother, and that I will always be provided for by Her.

Adding wild greens to my salads gives me a taste for the variety of life. And it opens my eyes to the abundance all around me.

Green blessings are everywhere. Even in the supermarket, where big bunches of dandelion are for sale. Grab a bunch or two and try this week’s yummy recipe: Dandelion Italiano.

And please come join me at Rowe Center for a magical weekend May 3-5, exploring Tree Medicine. We will trance with the trees, walk with the trees, harvest tree parts for medicine, and perhaps even make a magic wand or two.

Glorious green blessings to you until next week.

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