Week of April 4, 2013 - Look up! Look up. The trees are blooming

Thursday, April 04, 2013 3:43 PM | Anonymous
Green greetings to you all. Time to spring up in colors! Time to inhale the green.

Look up! Look up. The trees are blooming. Check them out. Not just the showy ones, like cherries and crabapples, beautiful as they are. Take the time to notice the flowers of the hardwood trees around you. One of the prettiest of the wild, flowering spring trees is the red maple. We are so happy to catch the fine photo of her on the next page.  

It is still great sugaring weather, with nights below freezing and days warm and sunny, so maples are on our minds. They, like everything else, are responding to the lengthening days. Way back in the beginning of February, on Ground Hog Day or the Day of the Feast of Flames, we noticed the buds that are now flowers slowly beginning to stir, to feel the sap rising.

After you look up, look down. All the lily family plants – crocus, tulip, daffodil, wild onions, iris, snowdrops – with petals in threes – are spearing through the leaves of last autumn and spreading colorful cheer. Here’s some from my garden.

And here’s a little picture gallery with two other plants that caught my eye this week: (in addition to the maple flowers). First, the medicinal, evergreen, goldthread. And then a stunning yellow flower in the buttercup family. Not only are the individual flowers stunning, the group of them covers nearly a quarter of an acre and that is quite the sight. Like all buttercups, it is shiny, and so pretty in the spring light.

I am just finishing up my quarterly article for Plant Healer Magazine on the Medicine Wheel of Plant Uses. And welcoming the first of the year’s apprentices, as well as the first of this year’s nettle. (There is a connection.)

Look up! Look down! Green blessings are everywhere.

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