Week of Feb. 15, 2013 - Elda Mor - the woman who lives in the elder tree

Friday, February 15, 2013 5:14 PM | Anonymous
There is a woman who lives in the elder tree, so the story goes. In one version, the woman in the elder bush is called Elda Mor. She is the guardian of the elder’s medicine. In Germany she is known as Frau Holle or Frau Holunder. She is a fierce old woman, wise in the ways of plants, and people. She is often referred to as Elder Tree Mother. She is beautiful. She is Alhorn, Holder, Holler, and the “mulberry” bush we go round in song. She is the star of a Grimm’s fairy tale. She is magical. She is the Queen. She is a fierce protector to those who care for her.

elderberryElda Mor is glad to share, if she is shown respect. If you are not in right relationship with her, she will poison you rather than heal you. If you honor her, she will support you and help you though the hardest times. She will soothe you as only a grandmother can.

Elda Mor keeps birds in her hair and frogs at her feet. She is never to be cut down. Her fingers search the air for messages. Her leaves shine. If you sleep in her embrace on mid-summer’s night, do not be surprised to wake up in fairyland.

All parts of elder have been used medicinally. This week we are focusing on the berries, since they dry well and preserve exceptionally well, thus making elder berry a wonderful herb to work with when the earth is blanketed in snow and clouds hide the sun. Not only that, elder remedies are ready quickly, and they are a proven defense against the flu. Good reasons to open your heart and your home to the magic of Elda Mor.

Come with me to the pantry and the cellar. Let’s see what elder products we have on hand. Oooh! Wine! Preserves! Tincture! Cordial! Dried elder berries! Come with me to the kitchen pharmacy, and let’s make some simple, safe, effective anti-flu remedies with dried elder berries. Let it snow! We don’t care.

Green blessings are everywhere.
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