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  • Friday, September 04, 2015 11:27 AM | Anonymous
    The art of Martina Santarsiero

    I was born in Bologna on Dec. 6, 1979, live in Bologna with my husband and our cat Ganesh.
    For 16 years I follow the spiritual path of the Goddess, I consider myself eclectic Pagan, I draw mainly the pantheon greek-Roman-Celtic and Hindu-Buddhist with particular attention to the Sacred Feminine, my altar is a rainbow of divinity around the world ... Neolithic Venus, Hecate, Artemis, Dakini, QuanYin, Ganesh, Cybele, Isis, Sheela Na Gig, Yemaya, Buddha and many other ...
    "For me painting is a sacred act , a creative ritual, I could call it almost a priestly vocation pictorial , it is like an inner call to invoke the deities bringing them to life on the canvas.
    Inspired by classical mythology and folk tales as a child and behind a long trail of cultural and spiritual research about mothers goddesses and pagan faiths of the world , I put my hands , my colors and my creativity in the service of cosmic energy that permeates the universe which I call Goddess. "

  • Friday, July 10, 2015 1:16 PM | Anonymous
    Cindy Maus Art

    Before settling in Texas in 1980, Cindy Maus lived in the Midwest and on the East Coast.   She loves nurturing children and plants, with past careers related to both.  Now that her children are grown, she paints with soft pastels.  She loves the vibrant colors and immediacy of pastels and the way she can portray light with their lusciousness!    Studying with renowned and wonderful pastel artist, Enid Wood for the last five years has stretched Cindy’s boundaries and challenged her to try new adventures in this crone stage of her life.  Cindy’s impressionistic  paintings of florals, still life and landscapes are exhibited in central Texas and appear in private collections throughout the USA.

    Click here to see more of her art.

    Click here to see more of Cindys art.

  • Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:24 AM | Anonymous
    The Art of Beth Budesheim

    Evident in Beth's work is the honoring of the living sacred presence in all things. She is inspired by an inner vision, contemplations, and personal experiences of the soul, psyche and energy field within and all around us. The canvas is a place she connects, plays, self explores, and receives intuitive guidance. Many of her earlier paintings served as a way to document the clairvoyant experiences she had during energy medicine studies and personal meditations. This then evolved into a realization that she could 'see' for others, and she began offering the intuitive Goddess Energy Portraits™.

    A painting, Beth says, can serve as a merging place of spiritual energy and wisdom with physical reality; it can be a place to empower what is wanting to be realized or illuminated within us. To accomplish this alchemy, she takes her seed of inspiration into sacred intent, and through meditation, intuition, creative joy and present moment flow, allows the piece to unfold organically.

    See more of her work: www.BethBudesheim.com

  • Monday, March 23, 2015 11:42 AM | Anonymous
    The Art of SheilaLynnK

    Painter & Multi media artist, Founder & Host of the Art For Arachnoiditis Project at SheilaLynnK Art Studio Art Teacher. US Army Veteran; Sheila celebrates the human capacity to manipulate perception in an effort to improvise, adapt, and overcome.Following a spinal cord injury (arachnoiditis) caused by single injection spinal anesthesia (2007) during a routine knee surgery; she has used art to meet her vocational and rehabilitation self-employment goals. Sheila launched the Art For Arachnoiditis Project (2014) to Empower Fellow Arachnoiditis Survivors via Participation in the Arts.

    Influenced by Synthetism, Impressionism, and Conceptual Expressionism,Sheila Kalkbrenner is a multi-media visual artist residing in upstate New York. She is a member of the Allegany Arts Association, The Wellsville Arts Association, and founder of the Belfast Organization for Artists. A US Army Veteran and mother of three, Sheila has been drawing and painting since grade school. She obtained her BFA and MS degrees at Alfred University in Alfred, NY.  In her studio Sheila produces Fine Art works via observational drawing, nature studies, composite paintings, classic & conceptual portraits,sculpture, and conceptual photography. All of her work addresses the shifting elements of perception.
    More about her art and her journey is available here: http://sheilalynnkart.com/artwork/3612597_Cover_and_Essay.html

    The Art For Arachnoiditis Project is now a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts. Tax-deductible contributions can be made at NYFA here: https://www.nyfa.org/ArtistDirectory/ShowProject/d63f4598-6241-42ad-8a93-f36722afbaf6
    Videos of the Survivor Portraits in progress on her website. One of the videos for Melanie is here:



  • Tuesday, February 03, 2015 2:00 PM | Anonymous
    The Art of Myrea Pettit


    Myrea Pettit (1970 - ) was born in Northampton UK encouraged to draw her detailed images soon drew acclaim with nature subjects,flowers and insects she always believed they shared their world with fairies.

    She spent time studying in Sweden with renowned watercolor artist and illustrator Ann Mari Sjogren. Myrea's delicate and detailed fairies, flowers and butterflies have been published in many books, she has authored her own book '500 Fairy Motifs' and co-illustrated 'Fairies Art Studio'.

    Her work can be seen on her website www.fairiesworld.com the foremost website of contemporary fairy art. She has two daughters and is married to author David Riché also well known for his books about fantasy art.

    See more of Myreas art at:

       www.fairiesworld.com and www.flowerfaeries.com

    See more of Myreas art at:

  • Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:20 PM | Anonymous
    The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

    Last Rays of FireCarol Ochs (like "Oaks"), is a self-taught artist since childhood who dabbles in many media, as well as many crafts. She is also a professional handcrafted soapmaker, sculptor, and handspun fiber artist...working out of both a workshop and art studio at her cottage home in San Diego.

    Carol has always been enamored with the magical side of life, first inspired by books she read as a child and their enticing illustrations beckoning her into worlds of imagination!  A childhood filled with camping trips to beautiful woods and lakes connected her to nature as her true home.  Visions of fairies, mermaids, and especially witches have always danced in her head and attracted her by their mystery.  While most folk fear the "neighborhood witch", Carol was always enthralled by her secrets, sees past labels and misguided old wives tales, wants to know and show her better.  Carol embraces that misunderstood individuals can be both beautiful and different, strong and non-conformist, free and unaffected by "the muggle world"; and these spirits are most-attuned to and comfortable, as she herself is, with natural environments.  Carol celebrates these beautiful beings in her art, sometimes whimsically, in hopes viewers reconnect with their own magical child-like spirit...and be reminded that we all have much to learn & embrace, even from those most different from us. 

    Carol's art has appeared in two art books, as well as numerous e-magazine covers.

    You can find more of Carol's art and other crafts at her website:
    The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs - www.carolochs.com

    In My Magic Garden

    More Than Who You Think You See I Am

    Summoning Sabbat Spirits

    Tonight I Fly

    Wind in my Sail

    Wize Wimmin Fae

    The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs - www.carolochs.com

  • Monday, October 20, 2014 3:06 PM | Anonymous

    The Art of Mollie Kellogg

    Mollie Kellogg

    About Mollie Kellogg and her Incognito Witch Project:

    Creative sorceress Mollie Kellogg conjures a magickal world on canvas. Mortals are transformed into mystical beings draped in mysterious fabrics, adorned with jewels and leaves, often wearing messy lipstick with a signature flash of color under their eyes. True-to-life figures emerge from a textured, glitter-embedded realm, evoking a Mother Nature archetype. Power, strength, attraction, empathy and vulnerability fight for dominance.

    See the series: http://molliekellogg.com/works/category/witches.html

    Incognito Witch paintings reveal the subject’s hidden psyche, or inner magick, which has often been suppressed to meet society’s expectations. "Hopefully instead of just making pretty pictures, I am making something that has an impact on people,"explains Mollie Kellogg during a recent reception.
    Watch presentation:

    Since its inception, many have expressed their bucket-list desire to be a part of the project, finding the “hidden magick” message empowering, “I love the Incognito Witch character because she inspires you to let your inner magic shine. Mollie Kellogg is such an inspiration through her words, her mind, and her art.”Another commented, “Mollie is using her art to encourage the expression and celebration of the gifts of hidden magic that exist in all of us.”

    Kellogg has taken her message of encouraging self-acceptance from canvas to film in a series of shorts about “G” (short for Goddess) the Incognito Witch, a character inspired by her first painting of the series. Film screenings include Los Angeles, London, Miami, and schools in Mumbai. Most recently, Mollie stars in the quirky award-winning 5-minute film Incognito Witch: Paint My Life.
    Watch film:

    Ocean Goddess by Mollie Kellogg

    Sunrise by Mollie Kellogg

    A Matter of Time by Mollie Kellogg

    The Witches potion by Mollie Kellogg

    You Me Us by Mollie Kellogg

    Contact Mollie Kellogg at artist@molliekellogg.com for more information on the Incognito Witch Project visit www.incognitowitch.com.

  • Wednesday, September 24, 2014 1:44 PM | Anonymous

    The Visionary Art of France Garrido

    Madonna of the BeginningFrance Garrido is best known for her highly detailed and intricate mixed media/collage works that exemplify the Visionary & Surrealist genre.  Incorporating sacred geometry, specifically the circle and the circle in the square, she developed a visual language utilizing mixed media and acrylic paint.  Creating art works that manipulate original, appropriated and hand created images as well as objects and materials.

    Enticing the viewer to enter into a world where dreams, nature and spirit are joined.

    France Garrido was born in NYC, NY.  Her work has been exhibited in NYC, nationally & internationally, and in Beijing at the UN Conference on Women.  In 2009 she was selected for inclusion in ‘Lexicon der Phantastischen Kunstler’, authored by Gerhard Habarta, internationally known historian on Surreal, Visionary, Symbolic & Fantastic Art and was also selected for the ‘Top 10 Women in the Arts’, ARTROM Gallery, Rome, Italy.  Her work has been included in Visionaries – The Art of the Fantastic, book and exhibition and the Society for Art of Imagination, Vienna, book and exhibition. 
    In 2014 her work will be exhibited in Montreal, Texas, Lisbon, CA and Germany.

    ‘There have been great influences in my life that have inspired artistic growth. 
    Nature and Spirit is key to that growth!’  France Garrido - www.francegarrido.com

    From the Heart

    The Healer

    Madonna of the Universe

    China Moon-Madame Erzulie

    Visionary Imaginings-Finding Myself

    See more of her work at: www.francegarrido.com

  • Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:30 PM | Anonymous

    Artwork by Vixie Styx

    Vixie StyxSeeing the Divine archetypes in the people around me, I am inspired to bring this essence into tangible form. I am a self taught artist, working primarily in oils and acrylics, sometimes infusing the paint with Bach Flower Essences or water energized by crystals and moonlight. Always experimenting, I have recently taken my art off the canvas into video art, computer generated images and performance art. I have written and illustrated a children's book that can be read at AFairyNamedWhisper.wordpress.com.

    I once received a song from the Fairy Realm that has become my mantra "Just Love Just Be Just Be in Love Just love Just Be Just Like a Tree Just Be Just Love Like Moon Above Just Love Just Be Just Be In Love". My current flight of fancy is in taking dictation from the Elemental Kingdom on my blog LettersFromTheUnitedWingdom.com. My paintings can be seen at KissTheSkyStudio.com.

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx

    Vixie Styx


  • Friday, May 30, 2014 11:39 AM | Anonymous
    Goddess Altars
    by Sherri Varrieur

    Sherri VarrieurMy name is Sherri Varrieur (aka maestradawitch). I am 49 years young. I live in Waynesville North Carolina with my husband and 3 yorkies. I make Custom Goddess Altars out of trees I have harvested from my property here in the mountains. I can make any size out of any kind of wood. My favorite is white pine. You can reach me at  maestradawitch@gmail.com with any questions.
    Brightest Blessings

    Sherri Varrieur

    Sherri Varrieur

    Sherri Varrieur

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