The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:20 PM | Anonymous
The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

Last Rays of FireCarol Ochs (like "Oaks"), is a self-taught artist since childhood who dabbles in many media, as well as many crafts. She is also a professional handcrafted soapmaker, sculptor, and handspun fiber artist...working out of both a workshop and art studio at her cottage home in San Diego.

Carol has always been enamored with the magical side of life, first inspired by books she read as a child and their enticing illustrations beckoning her into worlds of imagination!  A childhood filled with camping trips to beautiful woods and lakes connected her to nature as her true home.  Visions of fairies, mermaids, and especially witches have always danced in her head and attracted her by their mystery.  While most folk fear the "neighborhood witch", Carol was always enthralled by her secrets, sees past labels and misguided old wives tales, wants to know and show her better.  Carol embraces that misunderstood individuals can be both beautiful and different, strong and non-conformist, free and unaffected by "the muggle world"; and these spirits are most-attuned to and comfortable, as she herself is, with natural environments.  Carol celebrates these beautiful beings in her art, sometimes whimsically, in hopes viewers reconnect with their own magical child-like spirit...and be reminded that we all have much to learn & embrace, even from those most different from us. 

Carol's art has appeared in two art books, as well as numerous e-magazine covers.

You can find more of Carol's art and other crafts at her website:
The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs - www.carolochs.com

In My Magic Garden

More Than Who You Think You See I Am

Summoning Sabbat Spirits

Tonight I Fly

Wind in my Sail

Wize Wimmin Fae

The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs - www.carolochs.com

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